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Welcome to "comPOSERS: The Movie Score Podcast", where three aging, out-of-shape musician friends of dubious talent use a popular medium to talk about film scores and the films they're in, while making fun of one another and occasionally having movie-themed drinks.

Our goal is to find the perfect movie score, and our journey takes us some really weird places. Join us on this bizarre musical trek to...somewhere?

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NEXT EPISODE: Hundreds of Beavers (2022) 
Composed by Chris Ryan

Jan 31, 2021

This week, we delve into the "not-too-distant-future" of 1997 where deGENErates like us face non-stop discrimination, even when they look like Ethan Hawke and not Alex! Join us as we discuss Gattaca and its minimalist score by Michael "I'd rather be doing opera" Nyman.

Jan 28, 2021

Who says nobody listens to our podcast? Following our episode on Four Rooms, we were contacted by percussionist Aaron Oppenheimer, formerly of Combustible Edison, who heard and reportedly enjoyed what we had to say! This week, Aaron joins us to talk scoring the movie, the lounge revival, working with DEVO, and meeting...

Jan 24, 2021

To start Series 7 off with a bang, the boys return to a galaxy far, far away and finally do away with the nonsensical pretense of the scorecard. Join us as we talk at length about one of the finest film scores of all time, courtesy of Saint John Williams. You love us; we know. 

Jan 21, 2021

To bid farewell to a very...eclectic season, the boys elected to do a nice quick retrospective: no trivia, no games, no infuriating Southern accents. But tune in for some very important comPOSERS news that directly addresses our listeners' biggest complaint about the show! (No, we're not firing Alex. Yet.)

Jan 17, 2021

This week, the boys revisit the days of social media's infancy, when men rowed boats and women were objects to be rated on a website. Join us as we discuss 2010's The Social Network and its unique score by Trent "Nine Inch Nails" Reznor and Atticus "Works With Trent A Lot" Ross.