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Welcome to "comPOSERS: The Movie Score Podcast", where three aging, out-of-shape musician friends of dubious talent use a popular medium to talk about film scores and the films they're in, while making fun of one another and occasionally having movie-themed drinks.

Our goal is to find the perfect movie score, and our journey takes us some really weird places. Join us on this bizarre musical trek to...somewhere?

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NEXT EPISODE: Hundreds of Beavers (2022) 
Composed by Chris Ryan


Dec 25, 2022

Well, this year ended much as it's gone on...with another missed episode. Jay was out of town, Aaron was sick, and Krueger's on pain meds because he's broken something again. We do have a holiday special for you, and likely one for New Years as well with some pretty exciting news, but the Christmas one is going to be late. Expect it this week, as per our highly professional usual.

And in the meantime, once more with feeling: racialized lives matter, LGBTQ+ lives matter and your life matters too, so go do what you should be doing on Christmas Day anyway: get drunk and avoid your family! All the best for the holiday season from the aging punks of the film score podcast game, and let's hope Series 13 is a little luckier for all of us.