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Welcome to "comPOSERS: The Movie Score Podcast", where three aging, out-of-shape musician friends of dubious talent use a popular medium to talk about film scores and the films they're in, while making fun of one another and occasionally having movie-themed drinks.

Our goal is to find the perfect movie score, and our journey takes us some really weird places. Join us on this bizarre musical trek to...somewhere?

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NEXT EPISODE: The Edge (1997)
Composed by "King" Jerry Goldsmith

Feb 4, 2024

Time to grow a stupid braid and murder some Tuskens, everybody, because Johnuary continues with our second foray into the much-maligned prequel trilogy. It's Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones, with music by Old Whatsisname.

NOTE: This was supposed to go up last week, but I got screwed up by the new "two episodes a month" schedule and forgot. Sorry everybody. Tune in next week for us being back on schedule. -Krueger