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Welcome to "comPOSERS: The Movie Score Podcast", where three aging, out-of-shape musician friends of dubious talent use a popular medium to talk about film scores and the films they're in, while making fun of one another and occasionally having movie-themed drinks.

Our goal is to find the perfect movie score, and our journey takes us some really weird places. Join us on this bizarre musical trek to...somewhere?

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NEXT EPISODE: Hundreds of Beavers (2022) 
Composed by Chris Ryan

Apr 28, 2023

When this podcast started, it featured three drunken out-of-shape dorks in a basement talking shit about movie scores. Two hundred (or so) episodes later, we are less drunk, still in a basement, and the shit we're talking has incrementally more credibility than it used to. 

Just kidding; we're the same old assholes....

Apr 23, 2023

This week, the boys bid farewell to series 13 and stare down the barrel of two hundred God damned episodes by covering an uplifting film about prison! What we have here is a failure to quit while we're ahead: it's Cool Hand Luke (1967) with music by...

Apr 16, 2023

We know you were expecting Leon the Professional, but after watching half of it and then showering eight or nine times, Krueger decided on something a little more "treasured childhood memory" and a little less "jail the director". It's 1963's The Sword in the Stone, with music by George Bruns and songs by the legendary...

Apr 9, 2023

This week, we'll live to see you enjoy the score, but we hope you leave room for our podcast, because we're going to ram it into your earholes and break your goddamned brain! Okay, that was very aggressive, but can you blame us? It's The Running Man, with music by...

Apr 2, 2023

This week, the boys go hunting for a stolen nuclear weapon that we must insist you STOP SHOOTING AT. It's Broken Arrow, with a classic 90s score by Uncle Hans...